MRI Case 18

60 y/o F presents for diagnostic MRI to determine extent of disease. What is the most likely cancer subtype?


  • IDC subtype; ~2% of breast cancers
  • Older women
  • Mucin within and surrounding cancer cells
  • Typically circumscribed on mammo
  • Breast MRI high signal on T2-weighted imaging (due to H20 component in mucin)
  • Good prognosis/survival rate
  • Less likely to metastasize

Related Radiology Article: Bitencourt AG, Graziano L, Osório CA, Guatelli CS, Souza JA, Mendonça MH, Marques EF. MRI Features of Mucinous Cancer of the Breast: Correlation With Pathologic Findings and Other Imaging Methods. AJR. American Journal of Roentgenology. 2016 Feb 1;206(2):238-46.