Teaching Philosophy

For me, teaching allows you to be part of the learner’s experience. As an educator, I hope to share what knowledge and skills I have acquired thus far in my career and propagate these teachings in future radiologists. As an educator, I teach to inspire the learner to maintain a growth mindset during their training and career (Carol Dweck). This means that I want to instill the importance of hard work, self-motivation, and the belief that they have unlimited potential.

My goal as a medical educator is to foster enthusiasm towards learning. I hope to balance my duties as a clinical educator while effectively teaching breast radiology. At the core of an educator, there is someone that cares about their learner. This means I want to understand about their prior experiences that have shaped them as learner. This also means that I want to be their support through struggles with education and daily lives. I hope to inspire learners to grow personally and nurture their professional goals with my unwavering support.

When it comes to understanding breast radiology, I aim at showing cases to enhance my teachings. Radiology is very visual and for a learner to grasp a topic, they often must see it first. I try to chunk information together to make the topic more digestible for the learner. During my teaching sessions, I challenge the learner to make conclusions about imaging and determine appropriate patient management and care. My lectures are interactive and often involve learners in groups to promote peer-to-peer teaching. I also encourage the use of technology to help solidify comprehension as this has been shown to be effective for the current generation of learners. With varied resources and the knowledge that I have shared with them, I want the learner to be empowered to be a stronger radiologist.

Photograph taken after receiving the Harold B. Spitz Faculty Teacher of the Year Award for the University of Cincinnati Radiology Residency in July 2021
Radiology Trainees that I have mentored on breast radiology research projects

Formally Mentored Trainees

  • Alexis De La Cruz (Resident)
  • Jared Vearrier (Resident)
  • Daniel Morgan (Resident)
  • Jiewen Li (Resident)
  • Heba Albasha (Resident)
  • Eric Swy (Resident)
  • Robert Pugh (Resident)
  • Alex Kieturakis (Resident)
  • Ralla Shrit (Resident)
  • Evelyn Guerra (Resident)
  • Maegan Chan (Resident)
  • Mathew Moler (Resident/Fellow)
  • Atharva Thakore (Resident/Fellow)
  • Daniel Lyons (Resident/Fellow)
  • Brian Guarnieri (Resident/Fellow)
  • Ifoema Aguanunu (Fellow)
  • Sally Woods (Fellow)

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