Teaching Case 30

59 y/o F with polytrauma after car accident presents 1 year later with palpable areas of concern in the right breast. What is the most likely diagnosis?


  • Thin-walled fat density cysts
  • May see peripheral calcified rim after a few months-years after the injury
  • Early phase (recent) – bandlike area of increased density
  • Typically ipsilateral
  • Can see masses with circumscribed margins on ultrasound with shadowing (late phase)
  • Early phase on ultrasound looks like fat necrosis with mixed hyperechoic areas

Related Radiology Article: DiPiro PJ, Meyer JE, Frenna TH, Denison CM. Seat belt injuries of the breast: findings on mammography and sonography. AJR. American journal of roentgenology. 1995 Feb;164(2):317-20.