MRI Case 30

What MRI artifact is shown and how can it be fixed?


  • Ferromagnetic metals cause severe inhomogeneity in the magnetic field
  • Nonferromagnetic metals can also result in local signal intensity voids in the vicinity
  • May lead to image distortion – impacted by object shape and composition
  • Susceptibility greater at higher field strengths
  • If extensive, may be difficult to assess recurrence at the lumpectomy site
  • Fix:
    • Remove all metallic objects if possible
    • Choose titanium markers over stainless steel

Related Radiology Article: Harvey JA, Hendrick RE, Coll JM, Nicholson BT, Burkholder BT, Cohen MA. Breast MR imaging artifacts: how to recognize and fix them. Radiographics. 2007 Oct;27(suppl_1):S131-45.